Who is ProStoke?

Our sports are more than a single mountain or break, the rush of fresh powder or that new deck, definitely more than the word “extreme”. They’re a lifestyle and a choice we make 24/7. Whether you’re hanging ten during the day or picking up that perfect ten at night, ProStoke will give you the boost you need to be at the top of your game, and provide the nutrition to keep it up and make it last.

Sometimes we get cut off in the lineup, make our friends wait at the bottom of the hill, cramp up on the catwalk, some of us even fall asleep on the lift… ProStoke is designed to provide the mental and physical edge to step it up and avoid these moments. Proven to increase energy and reduce cramps, while avoiding the crash other drinks are known for, we’ll take you further and we’ll make it clean. Designed by pro athletes in Colorado and Northern California, an engineer from Stanford and a tech geek from Google. This is ProStoke. ignite.

Let’s cut to the chase, Court and Dave both snowboard, ski, surf, wakeboard, drive baja trucks for fun, and pretty much everything in between. They decided that A. energy drinks are too cumbersome and unhealthy to buy into and B. you need more than just sugar and caffeine to make a good product. Enter ProStoke

ProStoke is designed to be light weight, environmentally conscious and effective. It will help you avoid cramps, survive the sun and perform at the top of your game. What makes ProStoke so great? We actually enjoy using it ourselves, and that’s saying a lot.

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