10 Days of 100% All Natural Energy and Nutrition in Your Pocket

ProStoke is an all-natural performance product designed by a Stanford engineer to maximize energy, nutrition and hydration and amplify power output, reflex speed and cognitive abilities during extreme situations. Whether you’re hanging ten during the day or picking up that perfect ten at night, ProStoke gives you the boost you need to be at the top of your game, and the nutrition to make it last.

Competition Tested Ingredients Used by Pro Surfers and Snowboarders

Unlike energy drinks, ten days worth of ProStoke fits in your pocket for the ultimate in portable energy. Pop a tablet into a glass, canteen, or coconut and ignite with your fluid of choice (ideally H2O, but in certain situations a vodka tonic works fine) for an instant boost. Whether rising for dawn patrol, winding down after an epic day, or energizing for the afterparty, ProStoke keeps you going strong.

Feel The Stoke Within 30 Minutes Guaranteed

Ingredients in ProStoke have been used by indigenous peoples of Asia and South America for hundreds of years and are proven to work. The effervescent tablet promotes immediate absorption of the active compounds to begin improving your performance within minutes of the first dose, and the sugar-free formula ensures that there will be no crash later.

Now, for the first time, ProStoke™ is available to the general public.

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Why Should You Try ProStoke™?

1. ProStoke™ is the only performance product with a 137% money-back guarantee.

2. The ingredients in ProStoke™ are all-natural, and have been proven safe and effective over hundreds of years of use by indigenous peoples in Asia and South America

3. ProStoke™ is guaranteed to produce results in 30 minutes or less.

4. ProStoke™ is currently used by world-class professional extreme sports athletes.

» Try ProStoke™ risk-free for 70 days